Welcome To Cambridge

Cambridge Senior Care is an Elegant Adult Family Home in Kirkland, WA.

The 3 C’s of Cambridge Adult Family Home

Care is one of the most important aspects of senior care. At Cambridge our staff is thoroughly trained to treat each resident with the utmost Respect, Compassion and Dignity. Nothing less is tolerated. Every member of our care staff has extensive training in memory care, dementia, alzheimer’s, diabetes care, and more.
We believe that meal time is one of the most important parts of a residents’ day. This is when they have an opportunity to share stories and chat about their days with other residents. We make this time as special and unique as possible by providing 99% home cooked meals (the exception being the Costco lasagna, we’re not sure what they put in it, but it is absolutely unbeatable!). We always strive to buy Organic and Natural ingredients. Our menu is custom tailored to our current residents and is always low-fat, low-sodium and diabetic friendly!
A clean home is a home well taken care of. Part of our standard services is daily room service for each of our residents rooms. Our care staff is trained in making sure each room is vacuumed, dusted, bed is made, the trash is taken out, laundry is done and everything is in place, so that you or your loved one have one less thing to worry about.

  • Care 100%
  • Cooking 92%
  • Cleaning 92%

Years Experience

and nearly 50 years of combined experience, this is one of the pillars that set Cambridge Senior Care apart from competition.


with no negative reviews from BBB, DSHS, family or anywhere around the web. Quality care and service has always been our Number 1 priority.

Maximum Residents

and 5 on-site care staff, of which 4 of the staff members live in the home! The staff to resident ratio is better than any facility statewide!
“When my mother moved into Avalon she joined a true family home where the sounds of children, visitors, and the normal busyness of life are part of every day. That alone would make Avalon a compelling choice, but added to that is a level of care and kindness that has exceeded my wildest expectations.” Patsy Huntington


“…Cambridge Senior Care is the Taj Mahal of AFH’s in this area. Beautiful rooms with private bath, comfortable common areas and a wonderful outdoor patio. Caregivers are highly skilled. When they lived in Assisted Living, we were called almost daily for every little issue that came up. If there is an opening run, don’t walk, to Cambridge.” Tom Lindh